The Future Foundation School

The Future Foundation School (TFFS) was one of fifty schools to receive the Certificate of Accreditation for Quality School Governance from NABET and QCI, on October 10, 2012. TFFS was the only school from Kolkata to receive this accreditation.

"So far, we had the trust of parents and our academic success as the yardsticks. But now we have a new measure of students' and parents' satisfaction and also the effectiveness of our own systems. It will help us structure and document our data better and improve communication"

TFFS Principal - Shri Ranjan Mitter

Quality Council of India is an autonomous body set up by Government of India and Indian Industry, to establish and operate accreditation structures and systems to promote quality through nation-wide quality campaign.

QCI functions through various accreditation boards in their respective areas that implement the strategy, policy and operational guidelines set by the council. Accreditation for schools comes under the purview of National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET).

  • TFFS gets Nabet Accreditation

    TFFS gets NABET School Accreditation Certificate


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